Fiction Notes

Saxifrage Fiction: Editor’s Note


Those interested in sending their work to Saxifrage Fiction should familiarize themselves with our aesthetic before submitting.


As a basic rule, we’re not looking for feel-good, flowery stories about coming-of-age characters who sit on porches whittling while the world passes them by. We want scene vs. exposition. We want showing rather than telling. We want beautiful language and syntactical mastery. Don’t be afraid to send us work that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else—the absurd, the macabre—but please, no genre.


Simply put: surprise us, draw us in, make us squirm in our seat, but know that we are not looking for work that aims to please the masses. To quote Pinckney Benedict: your job is to freak us out.





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We subscribe whole-heartedly to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s Eight Rules for Writing Fiction. If you have yet to discover these life-changing tidbits of advice, follow this link and instantly write better fiction:


Happy Trails,


Rick Pechous, Fiction Editor