Sep 22 2009

Poem of the Week, Sept. 21-27

Charles Simic

     ~Charles Simic, The Voice at 3 A.M.  (Harcourt, 2003)

     This is the second installment of Simic I believe.  God bless, I’m just a fan.  I hope to be like him when I grow up. 





Sep 1 2009

Poem of the Week, Aug. 31 – Sept. 13


~Judy Jordan, Sixty Cent Coffee and a Quarter to Dance (LSU Press 2005)



This was an absolutely gorgeous book. I chose this excerpt, well, for practical reasons; but also, it’s just plain beautiful—even when ripped out of the larger narrative context, it holds: a rarity.



Aug 20 2009

Poem of the Week, Aug. 17-30


          ~James Wright, Two Citizens (FSG, 1973)


          If you hang out around this site long enough, you’re going to notice the recurrence of one mister James Wright.  He has a certain charisma and subtle charm that is hard to find anywhere else in poetry, and it’s my pleasure to keep posting examples.



Aug 10 2009

Poem of the Week, Aug. 10-16


          ~Marvin Bell, The Things We Dreamt We Died For (Stone Wall Press, 1966)


          I owe a fair portion of my second manuscript to this book.  How much depends on how close a read I suppose.  Anyone who likes reading should enjoy this book.



Aug 5 2009

Poem of the Week, Aug. 3-9


~Chris Hayes (appeared in Smartish Pace (Issue 16, 2009))


         I enjoyed this poem on many levels and just wanted to share it with others.  Chris Hayes is an MFA candidate at Ole Miss and poetry editor at the Yalobusha Review, and I look forward to future works.