Dec 21 2009

Poem of the Week, Dec. 21-27

Jay Hopler

~ Jay Hopler, Green Squall (Yale University Press 2006)


          To sound the redundant horn of praise, I loved this book—why else would I waste my time putting a poem up here?  He has something that I admire that I can’t quite pin down—his unpindownability maybe…


          ~ TM

Dec 4 2009

Poem of the Week, Dec 4-10

Campbell McGrath 2

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          ~ Campbell McGrath, American Noise (Ecco Press 1993)


          I absolutely loved this book—this poem, an untitled prologue type of poem, in particular.  He’s got that Whitman flair I wish I had.  Oh well, maybe in another writing life.


          ~ TM


Nov 23 2009

Poem of the Week, Nov. 23-29


 Malena Mörling 2

~ Malena Mörling, Astoria(Pitt Press 2006)
          This is my second posting from Astoria and another good one at that. The concept here reminds me of a reduced version of Galway Kinnell’s “Shoes of Wandering” section from Book of Nightmares. In this particular version of the afterlife, I’ll be a sock, unmatched, argyle, footless. How bout you? 


Oct 27 2009

Poem of the Week, Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

Nick Flynn 

          ~ Nick Flynn, Some Ether (2000 Graywolf Press)


I enjoyed this book.  Here’s what I said back when I read it the first time: “A significant portion of the poems have brilliant voices, sharp wit, and eerie lives that seem to continue outside of the book.  At his best he has a sensibility about the characters with relation to their environments that borders on perfection.” 


~ TM



Oct 5 2009

Poem of the Week, Oct. 5-11

Frederick Seidel 2 

      ~ Frederick Seidel, Ooga Booga (2006 FSG)

I wish I were rich.  Rodney Jones, Amie Whittemore and I were discussing how best to remain pure in this gladhandy, backsliding world of ours.  First, I said, your name has to be Frederick SeidelAnd second, you can’t ever, ever work in the environs of the contemporary literary scene.   I believe this to be the case.