Dec 4 2009

Poem of the Week, Dec 4-10

Campbell McGrath 2

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          ~ Campbell McGrath, American Noise (Ecco Press 1993)


          I absolutely loved this book—this poem, an untitled prologue type of poem, in particular.  He’s got that Whitman flair I wish I had.  Oh well, maybe in another writing life.


          ~ TM


Feb 16 2009

Poem of the Week, Feb. 16-22


          ~Campbell McGrath, Pax Atomica (Harper Collins, 2004)


Originally, I bought this book as a gift for my cousin Armand ( & Armand’s a real crazy rock n’ roll juggernaut type, and I was right to assume that he and this book had a lot in common.  I have since purchased it for my brothers ( &, which is only going a long way to say that the book makes a great all around stocking stuffer.