Dec 23 2013

Review of: Damnatio Memoriae, by Michael Meyerhofer

damnatio memoriae

Dec 10 2013

Review of: The Other Poems, by Paul Legault

The Other Poems, Paul Legault

Dec 5 2013

Review of: Bangalore, by Kerry James Evans


Oct 23 2013

Featured Artist: October 2013 Vol. 5 # 13

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carolineMorgan_profileCaroline Morgan
Troy, NY

Caroline Morgan was born and raised in Manalapan, NJ. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Providence College in 2012. Painting landscapes for Caroline is not just a way to show the world around her, but rather a method of interpreting the world. As she recalls her travels, she transforms images of the natural world into a new fragmented surface of abstract shapes, painterly colors and textures, and sudden or mysterious perspective breaks. Caroline has recently moved to Troy, NY. She is working at Sorelle Gallery in Albany and teaching art classes at Art Smarts in Latham. Caroline continues to explore the new landscape around her and find new influences for her work.

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Jul 15 2013

Featured Artist: July 2013 Vol. 5 # 12

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marianChristy_profileMarian Christy
Boston, MA
Artist Marian Christy of Boston is pioneering a dynamic, signature invention, Knifed Watercolors. Rather than using conventional brushes, she creates her dramatic scenes with a palette knife. Her immediate focus is to establish a thoroughly modern watercolor style that is strictly American in origin. Her ultimate focus is to maker her contemporary signature a new Expressionist/Impressionist style. This startling style, in the works for nearly eight years, demonstrates that watercolor can become very modern, very imaginative in a way that startles the eye and tells a little story. A Christy knifed triptych is in the permanent collection of The New Britain Museum of American Art. She has a Puffin Foundation grant. Christy has published four books and was a columnist for The Boston Globe for 26 years.
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