Jan 15 2013

Featured Artist: January 2013 Vol. 5 # 2

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Ann-Marie Brown
Montreal, Canada
Email: ambpaintings@hotmail.com
Website: www.orangeartgallery.ca
Website Boxer Series: www.galeriedavignon.ca

Ann-Marie Brown is a Montreal-based painter who is building a reputation as the newest addition to the wax-painting genre. Ms. Brown spent her twenties gaining diverse experiences that included religious studies in Europe, critical theory studies in Canada, and travels to far off regions of the world including Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia. Before moving to Montreal, she spent several years on a remote stretch of coast, an hour by boat from Vancouver, immersing herself in the art and craft of her chosen medium. Ann-Marie has devoted the last decade to working professionally as a painter in oil and wax. She joins the ranks of artists who have contributed to reviving the medium’s popularity, such as fellow Canadian Tony Scherman.

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